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I Started CPA-PLANET based on MY experience As A successful former CPA student – because I LEARNED A LOT OF LESSONS WHILE BECOMING SUCCESSFUL  🙂

Very recently I was right where many people are – not even knowing what the CPA Exam is, or how to study. I was working full time – as I’m sure many of you are. I was several years out of school. Mostly, I was not focused, and I didn’t really know how to focus, didn’t know how to study. That’s where I hope 30 Days to CPA and CPA-Planet can help make things easier and more efficient for current students – to benefit from some of the lessons I learned over several long years.

ThUs These lessons ARE created with the student’s perspective as the central focus

A bit more explanation. A bit less bullet-point-lists. More visual. Hopefully a bit more fun. Keeping the explanations and examples as clear as possible

finally, i WANTED MY lessons to be built around real meaningful goals and milestones, so i developed the 30 day to cpa exam plan!

You can do this in 60 days or 90 days – the important part is you have an organizing structure.

so in summary, CPA-PLANET lessons are created from the student’s perspective, and are designed to help all those real students who just want to pass the CPA exam and have a great life!