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I’m Charles, Your CPA Exam Guide!

Myself And a couple of friends started CPA-PLANET based on our experiences As successful former CPA students – because we were NOT always successful former students 🙂

Very recently I was right where many people are – not even knowing what the CPA Exam is, or how to study. I was working full time – as I’m sure many of you are. I was several years out of school. Mostly, I was not focused, and I didn’t really know how to focus, didn’t know how to study. That;s where I hope 30 Days to CPA and CPA-Planet can help make things easier and more efficient for current students – to benefit from some of the lessons I learned over several long years.

ThUs These lessons ARE created with the student’s perspective as the central focus

A bit more explanation. A bit less bullet-point-lists. More visual. Hopefully a bit more fun. Keeping the explanations and examples as clear as possible

finally, we wanted our lessons to be built around real meaningful goals and milestones, so we developed the 30 day to cpa exam plan!

You can do this in 60 days or 90 days – the important part is you have an organizing structure.

so in summary, CPA-PLANET lessons are created from the student’s perspective, and are designed to help all those real students who just want to pass the CPA exam and have a great life!