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  • 51-Page Lesson Workbook
  • 50 Minute Lesson Video

Lesson Contents

Overview- Credits in the Big picture

Overview- Overview of all Credits

Overview- Tax Credit Categories

Credits- Big Picture

Credits Categories: Personal

Credits Categories: Business

Credits Categories: Refundable vs. Non-Refundable

Overview Of All Credits

Credit Detailed Explanations


Personal Credits

Saver / Retirement Credits

Child And Dependent Care Credits

Adoption Expense Credits

Elderly Credits

Alternative Motor Vehicle Credits

Residential Energy Credits

Disabled Credits

Foreign Tax Credits

General Business Credit


Disabled Access

Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Refundable Credits

Earned Income Credits

Child Tax Credits – Partially Refundable

Education: American Opportunity Hope Credit

Education: Lifetime Learning Credit

Education: Hope Combined With Lifetime Learning

Health Coverage Tax Credits and COBRA Assistance

First-Time Homebuyer Credit

Withholding Tax

Excess FICA Tax

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