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Gross Income

  • 117-Page Lesson Workbook

    1 Hour 6 Minute Lesson Video

Lesson Contents

Education and EE Savings Bonds Interest – Included and Excluded
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Insurance Payments
Illegal Activities
Employer-paid Educational Expenses
Portfolio Income
Life Insurance Proceeds
Guaranteed Payments
Home Sale Income
Royalty Income
Assigned income
Employee Benefits – including discounts
Social Security Income
Interest Income
Involuntary Conversion
Flex Spending Plans
Federal, State and Local Tax Refunds
Wash Sales
Dividend Income
Taxable and de Minimis Fringe Benefits
Tip Income
Jury Duty Pay
Prizes and Awards
Passive / Rental / Vacation Income
Percentage of Completion Contracts
Related Party Transactions
Prepaid income
Net Self-Employment Income
Like-Kind Exchanges.
Child’s Unearned Income (Kiddie Tax)
Gains, Realization and Recognition
Unemployment Income
Non-Compete Agreements
Gambling Winnings
Salary, Wages, Pensions
Other Compensation

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