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93-Page Lesson Workbook
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Lesson Contents


Organization of this Property material
Types of Property/ Types of Assets
Capital; Section 1231; Ordinary
Basis Overview
What is Basis; How to calculate basis after any transaction
Special Types of Basis
Assets Purchased In A Group; Leasehold Improvements; Liabilities; Sales Of Stock; Inheritances; property For Services; Gift Basis; Many examples of calculating gift Bases
Capital Taxes And Asset Netting
Tax rates; how to net gains and losses in different tax rate categories
UCC Capitalization Rules
Rules for capitalizing or not under UCC. Memory Power Image
Capital Gains and Losses – Overview
Gains and losses, carryback and carryforward
Capital Gains and Losses: NON-Recognition
Involuntary Conversion; Sale of Principle Residence; Wash Sales, Installment Sales; Related Party Sales; Divorce Property; Treasury and Capital Stock Transactions; Personal Capital Loss – no deduction allowed; Like- Kind Exchanges
Section 1244 Stock
Gains and losses, carryback and carryforward

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