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Studying for CPA Exams

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant is something that a lot more people are considering nowadays because of the high demand for them; and the high remuneration that CPAs get once they have acquired their license.

This being said, preparing one’s self for the tasks ahead in order to qualify for certification in public accountancy is of utmost importance. Academic requisites are of course the first things that we have to take care of; and then studying for possible CPA Exam Questions.

Once we have accomplished the required number of hours in our academics; gearing-up for the CPA Exams is the next step. While we may not know the exact CPA Exam Questions that will appear in our test; studying for several scenarios and queries will tremendously help us answer the tests as accurately as possible.


Basically, there are four areas that we will need to take during our CPA Exams. Each area has specific CPA Exam Questions that we need to answer; each one dealing with various aspects of public accountancy.

The first set of CPA Exam Questions that will appear in our test consists of those under Auditing and Attestation. We will be given exactly four hours and thirty minutes to finish this test.

The next CPA Exam Questions will tackle on Business Environment and Concepts. A total of two hours and thirty minutes is allotted for this test. The other two aspects in the CPA Exams are Financial Accounting and Reporting; and Regulation.

The tests will be a combination of multiple choice and simulations; except for the Business Environment and Concepts; which are all multiple choice questions. Total number of hours for the entire CPA Exams is fourteen hours.

We may take the tests in any order for as long as we answer the CPA Exam Questions as accurately as we possibly can.


True, we may easily get overwhelmed upon learning of the CPA Exam sections that we have to study for but there are a lot of help that we can find online in order to prepare us better for the tests ahead.

There are several sites that offer online review classes for the uniform CPA Exams and these sites usually have CPA Exam Questions that we can answer online.

While these may not be the exact questions that will come out in the tests; these are still excellent testing grounds for us to determine how much we already know about public accountancy.

From there, we can study further the areas that we answered poorly and we can then assess if we are ready to take the CPA Exams in order to pave the way for our becoming a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

With an online CPA Review class, we can easily study for the tests at a time that is convenient for us; especially if we have day jobs or other responsibilities that we need to take care of on a daily basis.

There are likewise support forums that we can join in order to understand better the CPA Exams and CPA Exam Questions that we find difficult to answer.

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